"Over the last half-century, Brazil has become a global leader in agriculture production. Brazil, along with a handful of other countries, is a key growth area as we continue to focus on international expansion."
- Rick Brandt, CEO

Welcome to BRANDT do Brasil

Offering more than 40 specialty Ag products specifically designed for the Brazilian market, BRANDT do Brasil partners with growers to increase yields and boost return-on-investment. BRANDT do Brasil provides Brazilian growers access to one of America’s leading input companies with a portfolio of leading-edge agronomic technologies.

BRANDT do Brasil offers fertilizers, seed treatments, water conditioners, micronutrients and other specialty products. Later this year, we will offer BRANDT Manni-Plex® and BRANDT Smart Trio®, two advanced foliar nutrition products that are uniquely suited for Brazil’s diverse Ag markets.

BRANDT do Brasil is the focal point for BRANDT's growth strategies in Brazil. Currently, BRANDT sells products in more than 46 countries. To learn more about BRANDT do Brasil and the products that are carried, visit targetfertilizantes.com.br. To learn more about BRANDT, visit www.BRANDT.co.


BRANDT do Brasil is lead by three industry veterans, with more than 65 years of combined experience in the agriculture industry.

Wladimir Chaga, President & Managing Director
Aledino Carminatti, Commercial Director
Andreto Ceolin, Operations Director.

These three leaders were the founding partners at Target Brasil Fertilizantes Ltda, the company that became BRANDT do Brasil. Target Brasil was founded in 2011.


BRANDT do Brasil produces and carries more than 40 specialty Ag products specifically designed for the Brazilian market. These products include branded fertilizers, seed treatments, water treatments and other specialty products.

Key brands include:

  • TARGET line of micronutrient plant nutrition products.
  • ACTION line of fertilizers to control spray drift, mix foaming and spreading.
  • GENESIS line of seed treatments for corn, soybeans and grasses.
  • FOCUS line of suspension concentrates derived from oxides and carbonates.

Later this year, BRANDT do Brasil will begin to manufacture BRANDT’s line of advanced, high- performance foliar micronutrient products—including BRANDT Manni-Plex® and BRANDT Smart Trio®-- for distribution throughout Brazil.

Brand building

Recognizing the need to grow its brand in Brazil, BRANDT do Brasil is sponsoring Porsche Cup Champion, Miguel Paludo, in the Brazil Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. The goal is to increase brand awareness in Brazil.

BRANDT do Brasil will be the primary sponsor of Miguel’s #32 Porsche throughout the season.

“Broadly, our goal is to help Brazilian farmers use our plant nutrition products to increase their plants’ health and crop yield,” said Rick Brandt, President & CEO of BRANDT. “The Porsche GT3 Cup Series—paired with a two-time champion—is a great combination to create awareness for us in Brazil as a high-performance, high-technology company.”

The Brazilian Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge generally runs once per month through november.

"I am excited to carry the BRANDT do Brasil colors in my home country," said driver Miguel Paludo. "I've had the pleasure of working with BRANDT through the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and I’ve been a teammate with their NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, Justin Allgaier. I look forward to representing BRANDT in Brazil."